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Happy cattle

For five months the cattle have been eating hay twice a day but today was their time to go back to pasture, they were more than ready. With two loads in the trailer going to La Contie the rest, the naughty but nice ones stayed at La Singlarie. Calves are on green grass for the first time following the herds around.
Now for Spring time jobs to get started - so much free time for farmer J. Fencing, tidying around the farm, getting machines ready for hay cutting, getting the gites gardens ready for Summer and a new bathroom to fit, his feet won't be touching the ground.


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Introducing Bowser

At last Bowser has arrived, his settling in well eating playing, playing, pulling on his walk like a steam train, playing a bit more, eating and a little nap today. Only hope he sleeps as well as he did last night which apart from a little whine at first he was quiet in the hall all night.

Sorrel is finding it a bit difficult sharing but slowly she will come round and as Bowser seems to be learning quickly knowing his bed, recognising his new name and coming in the house once a whistle is called, ready for his recall training. More news to follow......

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