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Miss Fatty's wool cut

Now the weather is warming up the time has come for Miss Fatty to have her yearly shear. Each year we think this may be the last for she is certainly getting on in years with her joints giving her pain, a daily rose hip pill eased the aches up till now however she has also started a dose of hemp seed oil to see if that works too (at least she may be happy and laid back 😵).

Farmer J is relieved he only has to trim one wool coat and four hooves now as it does strain the back. At least with the weight of her wool off it may put a spring in her steep although she was very laid back being trimmed.

Sunday afternoon with a bit of sun

A rare moment of seeing the donkeys laying down, moved into Gorgons field to eat down the grass they are doing a good job, although Vanille and Bambo are  OK with the sheep and pigs the ducks are being chased out of their cornered off field, thankfully the chickens are a bit faster otherwise it would be a noisy clucking time.