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Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singalrie

A new boy is choosen to join the chickens.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Happy cows. Once again moving to new pasture, its only for a few days to nibble down a area of common land - hope they don't get a Essex accent while they are there.

Strange happenings at the begining of the week

Just as farmer J was to hop back in the tractor to start lining the hay up a loud tree falling sound was herd up by the pigs. On investigation a large branch had broken off laying parallel with the tree trunk but also over the electric fencing holding the next pig to leave La Singlarie in his enclosure. It couldn't stay like that so  f J put on his other hat, booted his chain saw up to release it. My job was to keep pig out of the way, pig had other ideas as he really wanted to nibble those leaves. He nearly left us a bit earlier as he wouldn't budge as the branch came crashing down missing him by not a lot at all. Just as well he moved as processing a pig in this heat while making hay is not on the top of the things to do list.

On our usual morning walk of down the hill through a field into the woods with a climb up the choice of three paths, coming out of the woods to walk along another two fields Sorrel and I happened upon a cow in the last field, on its own in a field tha…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Farmer J has been working his socks off cutting the hay this year. His nearly there, hopefully finishing tomorrow when temperatures are suppose to soar.

Gidleigh Park

For a holiday treat last week we had lunch at the 2*Michelin restaurant at Gidleigh Park hotel on Dartmoor. Tucked well away down small country lanes it's quiet an impressive location. Being a hot day we had an aperitif on the veranda.

We've eaten at a few 1* but never a 2 so was interested in seeing the difference. Taking the seven course taster menu we started with a mise en bouche then eel (above photo), cheese with a quails egg, carrot (textures of carrot), hake, ox heart (very tiny cubes of meat) followed by lamb loin, pre dessert of strawberries and dessert of 'snickers' (above photo) which tasted just like a snickers ice cream. Each dish was presented beautifully, very small portions but then it was a taster menu!

We cheekily asked for an extra slice of bread to mop up our sauces as they were very tasty. Now the food was very nice but we decided the extra star probably goes on the service and surroundings offered - hand made pottery plates, two waiters serving …


We spent a lovely few days in Dartmouth. Lucky with the weather we had a wooden cabin with a view over the dart and a family of seagulls waiting for their fledgling to leave them perched on the roof below us. Had forgotten how noisy and big these birds are.

Walking, eating and drinking with  a bit of shopping was undertaken and even a foot dip in the water. One thing we couldn't get over was the amount of dogs either on holiday or living in Dartmouth they were everywhere so I got my dog fix while away.

Now back to real life farmer J is busy cutting hay and I'm busy contemplating what I must do first. Gite cleaning was first and now I must try to find the veggies amongst the weeds that have grown so well.

obscure holiday photos