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January 2004 - 26th February 2016.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

A covering of snow with a couple of days of frozen pig pipes and now sunny and 20 degrees, bonkers weather this week.

Franklin's 10th Gotcha Day

Ten years ago we drove to Rodez dog refuge picking out the quietest skin and boned pup named Franklin. Since then his not shut up barking, soon putting on a few pounds and settling into a happy life. Time has passed with his friends passing too, his back to skin and bone due to his diabetes and the very large tumour on his back leg. He can hardly see and for the past few days decided he no longer wants to go out for walks. At around 11 years old he has now reached old age.

He and Sorrel enjoyed the doggie cake, Franklins slice was gone in one huge gulp. With a special tea of beef heart, kidney and tongue he is now driving us made by guarding his gotcha day chew, he wont chew it but no one else is to go near it either, it my be a long night unless he can be distracted by cake.