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Easter Bunnies

Thankfully we only have the chocolate kind and a few of the furry wild ones around this Easter.

May be a giant grass one would put pay to our furry friends, there is no problem with the chocolate kind that disappear very quickly without trace.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Bone day Sunday. Being the only dog now she is a little bit spoilt.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Warning : Sorrel asks 'why is it dogs have to be cat friendly when there is no mention of cats being dog friendly in rescue centres? All cats should come with a warning'

Poor Sorrel has been trying her hardest to get Fizz to be her friend, she was swiped on the eye and is now having TLC and eye drops. She may need a eye patch if she continues to keep it shut or a trip to the V.E.T 's.

Farewell Thumbelina

Today we said goodbye to Thumbelina. At around 11 years old she had had a good life. We don't really know her age as we brought/ rescued Thumberlina and her sister from a farmer who had their mother and siblings running around in a barn but that's about as long as we have had them. We also got sold a litre of pig fat in a preserving jar (which we had to give back). Yes we were the gulable English!

The past couple of months old age had creeped up on her, loosing weight and slowing down she decided she was no longer going to eat the organic cereal and pea mix everyone else eats (all be it us, the cats and Sorrel) so for he past month she has had a special diet of cooked pasta, rice and oats with milk and a raw egg each morning and night. On the odd occasion I slipped in  handful of cereal just to try and tempt her but no she was having none of it. As she took so long eating she had to be shut in the barn on her own while the sheep, Gorgon and Esmeralda ate outside. It was a bit…

The difference between girls and boys

Daughter sends you lovely picture of doggies they find while they should be working. Which one would you choose, I'd have them all!
Son takes photo of the tick they found that had fallen off your dog. Then they enlarge it as his into macro photography at the moment-it could of been worse with a photo of me. He took it back to Toulouse, probably the only tick in the big smoke, not sure his partner knows!

The water bed

We have had so much rain over the past week that the fields are sodden, the Aveyron river has burst its banks and when walking in the woods the amount of small streams that have popped up all over the place means wellies are in order (as well as towels at the end of our walks for a rather wet dog)

Unfortunately in the barn where Gorgon and his mates sleep a flood has arrived due to  pipe that comes into the barn, where from who knows but it has resulted in a wet bed for the piggies and a lot of wet hay moving for me. Only the ducks have found it quiet amusing having a mini fountain running and puddle to splash their feet in. The pigs have had to put up with a new bed being put in the corner by the door, not as cosy but at least they are dry.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Calves in training.

Life without Franklin

It has been a week now that we had to make that hard decision that comes to pet owners when their animals are ill, when is the right time to say goodbye. And last Saturday was that day we said goodbye to Franklin. After 14 months with his battle for cancer he took a turn for the worst in the morning and was clearly in pain. A quadruple dose of pain killer helped his last couple of hours until our vet was back in the surgery.

It's now so quiet indoors no barking for breakfast or tea that was far to slow in coming. No barking to go outside or come in again. No barking for Sorrel's chew as he had finished his in double time. No more barking to get into the lounge and on his spot on the settee. And no more barking for no reason apart from being Franklin, the dog who barked and liked the sound of his own voice. He had me well trained.

Now reunited with his two mates the three amigos are back together, running free.