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Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

The workers clearing up the grass seeds.

Pig moving

It has been a wonderful sunny day today, and a productive one at that. Two cows inseminated a visit from the vet to clean an abscess under a young cows tail, cows hanger cleaned out and two pigs moved to a new enclosure.
After lunch I had a cross country trip to meet Pepper the dog for a play date for part of my dog course, only my cars exhaust exhausted itself and fell off mid way. Saved by farmer J he took my car back home while I carried on cross country in the Land Rover. Now need to get a new exhaust before the control technique (MOT) as in its presently state it really is going to fail.

Blood tests

Yesterday was that time of year again, the annual blood tests for the cows and our now lone sheep. The cows were fine, Miss Fatty however proved a tad difficult to extract her blood amongst her wool and layer of fat - well she does need it as being an elderly lady with freezing temperatures this week. Cold enough to look those thermals out, even my argan facial oil has solidified in the bottle.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Training in progress to get everyone locked down for breakfast and tea. Lots of I don't like being next to her, she has too bigger horns and she eats all the hay goings on  but we are nearly there, of course there is always one who is camera shy - the one covered in hay.

Born this afternoon

Mum could not wait for us to put clean straw down this afternoon, This little girl came into the world on a cold day but only a few hours after being born she is up and suckling. We place clean straw around as mum cleaned her up after ushering all the other cattle out. They are now in a separate part of the hanger tonight, mum is so calm and a good mother, sadly she lost her calf last year when it died at 3 months old, this one she is in love with already.

Snap Shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Our View from the Kitchen window, sunny cold days with cows munching hay.

Bringing the cattle in

With frozen pipes to the water for the pigs and cattle it is now time to move the cattle to their winter  housing in the hanger with access to the woods in the field. Today the electric fence has been put up ready for their move from the top field across the road towards the hanger and small field it joins.

It has been a lot later for the cows to come in for their hay as it has been so dry, the grass has now been eaten down and the winter routine will start tomorrow.