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The first day of Spring

It has been a lovely day at la Singlarie today, the sun shone and as it was the first day of Spring the plastic cover of winter has started to come off the veggie patch. The strawberry patch, as well as the raspberries, need major weeding, my left-hand helper wasn't much good today all got a bit too much for her this weeding lark.
With a new bit of fencing to help keep those rabbits out the edges are looking a bit tidier all that is needed know is a major amount of manure to be rotavated in and planting can commence (although it is due to be showers tomorrow, guess that is Spring for you.

The one that got away

For the past few days there has been a noise in the workshop, a bit louder than a mouse but since lids is now chief rodent exterminator in the workshop and cave (he came out this morning with a rat minus its head-breakfast sorted) we thought he may be up for the job. Obviously seeing the size of this lost Coypu. 
He may have got a bit confused as we have had so much rain thinking we live near a river or he wanted to find somewhere dry, anyhow he didn't really seem that scared of us or in a hurry to leave. It took a broom and spirit level to move him, Bless farmer J who said he would pick it up - check out his orange top teeth I would not go anywhere near that mouth.
He trundled off out of the workshop and up the drive, he probably will be at the kitchen door tomorrow morning with Fizz waiting for breakfast  -  I'm wondering if he has been eating the cat's food I've left out?