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The last post of 2013

Another year is nearly over, the animals have had their last feed, the dogs their last walk where we came face to face with a lone deer we were on the road it was in the woods walking parallel to us before it decided to run in our direction. Not sure who was more startled him or the dogs as they all looked at each other for a split second before he shot of down the field, only hope he doesn't run into the hunt who will probably be out tomorrow being a Wednesday and holiday.

Our New years Eve meal is prepared, snails in garlic, fillet of beef with fondant potato, mushrooms and spinach with citrus pannacotta with blackberries frozen from the Autumn for dessert. Oh, and of course a nice bottle of wine with champagne in the fridge to toast 2014 in. We are staying in, just the two of us with smelly dogs who seem to be suffering with over indulgence of tip bits - they finished the turkey up and the TV in front of the wood burner.

I wont be making any New Year resolutions, instead goals…

The past week

The cows were looking forward to being let into the middle field over the festive period (farmer J was looking forwards to a break form the morning and evening routine of feeding too). Unfortunately rain put a stop to that as their big feet wreck the fields when there sodden with water. Up until this week it has been dry - still incedibly mild for nearly the end of the year. Cow days are spent waiting for breakfast and tea of hay.

 A Christmas meal has been eaten, the kale and swizz chard have been striped. No foot prints could be seen so this time it wasn't Gorgon and his buddies as whoever was the culprit left the parsnips alone. (Gorgon would of not left the parsnips!!)

Christmas was celebrated with the four of us, pasties eaten Christmas eve in front of the TV. The usual family time of playing cards, DVDs, listening to music and vegging out was needed after a busy week before. Connor's girlfriend came to stay Boxing day, a normal day here in France with the main celebrat…

In the Christmas spirit

Were getting excited, presents are all wrapped and under the tree, dogs only allowed under supervision as tasty treats will be found.


The past week

Franklin spent the day at the vets having his blood sugar levels monitored. At last levels are going down his still on a very high dose of insulin but with the next vet day in three weeks we may at last be getting a balance.

This week has been meaty Christmas pork orders and getting the beef back mid week meant feeling a bit chilly in the butchery and cold room. pick ups and deliveries made and a turkey/beef swap this morning our meat is sorted. The tree was in Figeac car park, a beef pick up point.

knitted presents have been made.

Wreath making from my collected greenery while walking the dogs. Each  year the mad English woman scrambles up banks with seceters, dogs on retractable leads which get tangled in shrubbery. all pleased when back home, it would be so much easier without dogs but I do get two jobs done at the same time.

A bargain Christmas tree brought for 12 euros, normally our artistic director dresses the tree but as she's not back till tomorrow I went for the colour…

Saturday happy photo

Finding a tree full of mistletoe.

The donkey post

Back in November I signed up to big knit for vet kit run by SPANA to raise money for veterinary aid for animals working abroad. Well I have nearly finished,  7 donkeys (3 more to go) 1 horse and a crocheted camel. Seven have gone to homes in France and one in the UK with the last two and hopefully  unknitted ones leaving this weekend. I must get my needles clicking double time as i must finish a couple of Christmas presents before the young people return at the weekend (otherwise i will be keeping farmer J up knitting in bed).

Thank you to every one who sponsored me I raised 170 Euros which once all the money is in a cheque will be sent along with a photo to SPANA.

Hope those knitted donkeys don't eat as many carrots as these two.

The week just gone

Monday was the last meeting of the year for the spinners and weavers group I belong to, with a show and tell of our wall hanging project (my 3d deer's head is on the right ) along with shared lunch and secret Santa i continues my donkey knitting.

Mr Fox has been calling. Sadly he got the chicken and her chick first, then during the day two of the new girls. The nine chickens left have been confined to the barn and their pen, sadly no free ranging for them at the moment. Mr Fox returned a few days later taking the small bantam hen while she was free ranging in the cows field. I have found feathers in the ditch down the road while walking the dogs so he can't be far and annoyingly will be back unless we keep the old girls, cockerel's and two ducks shut in the barn to guarantee their safety. I think they sense something as none are leaving their field at the moment.

 A big bust up between our two cockerel brothers left one feeling very sorry for himself, he hid away sleeping…

Saturday happy photo

Cakes made and decorated for presents.

This past week

Were starting to get in the Christmas mood. All cards have been written AND posted (Its only the 8th Dec, a record for me to be that organised) Christmas cakes are being force feed brandy, mincemeat made and the first batch of mince pies eaten. this year we are swapping 5kg of beef for a a turkey and wine - the turkeys have been raised on a vineyard where they go for a walk each day - yes more bonkers English around other than us.

Even most of the presents have been brought (and wrapping started) or ordered, keeping our post lady busy delivering those Amazon parcels to us. She will stop soon with the annual post office calender which I never know how much to give her for one. So much easier with the fire brigade who get 20 Euros (I want to be able to know they will come out to us should we need them!)
Can't believe farmer J suggested going into Albi for a Christmas shop, a bit of a quick dash with lunch. It was as bleak as the photo of the cathedral looks. The French don't go…

Saturday happy photo

The only dogs allowed on the table at La Singlarie.

The past week

Freezing mornings have made for frozen pipes up at the pigs enclosures making a bit more work and the need for mittens, hats and scarves.

The hen who was sitting on eggs on a hay bail hatched three chicks, two she squashed so a lone chicks is walking around the farm - may have to knit it a little suit?

The two new calves have settled in.

Thoughts of Christmas are starting to appear. Last years cards made into tags, cards and stamps brought ( now waiting to be written and posted) and the realisation of knitted presents and donkeys need to be finished may need to multi task and keep knitting needles and wool constantly by my side.