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Saturday happy photo

Ready for combat, a tree under camouflage.

Farewell and welcome

This morning the boeuf went off to the abattoir, after being trained to go in the trailer for his cereal and hay for a few weeks before hand the final time of entering the trailer went very calmly. He was munching hay as the gates and back were lifted and didn't flinch at all.

Farmer J always takes each animal to the abattoir a job he does not enjoy but is as about as stress free as he can make it. Being organic ours cows are allowed to go early in the morning rather than having to stay the night, they are also first in line to be dispatched. We liked to think he had a good stress free three years with us and as his time had come the hope that our customers will enjoy their beef at Christmas. The carcass will hang for three weeks before coming back to us butchered and ready to vacuum pack and box up.

Later this morning  farmer J drove the trailer down the road to our friends farm to pick up two nine month old male Limousin calves that we have brought to join our herd to grow on f…

saturday happy photo

Breakfast before shopping With a friend

The first flurry

When I took the dogs for the late walk up the road last night sleet was starting to fall. This morning the first flurry of snow laid on the ground minus 2 degrees it felt cold. I think the animals were a little shocked, hay has been given to keep the sheep and donkeys happy, the pigs will stay in there huts and the dogs are waiting for the fire to be lite. Cows are not bothered by snow, their winter coats are growing and as long as they get there hay they just 'get on  with it'.

I am so glad I have my neoprene Aigle wellies  to keep my toes warm if only I could find some gloves to keep fingers toasty while feeding the animals.

By the time animals were feed the sun came out for a bit with blue sky. It soon went in again, the sky is grey and the weather forecast is for snow tonight - what fun.

The week

28 hours was spent in Toulouse, Anita and left the car in the metro car park met Miss F, dumped our bags of at her new apartment before we walked into the centre and par took in a little retail therapy, afternoon tea. Meeting Master C and his girlfriend  for a bite to eat. Doing the french thing of coffee and pain au chocolate for breakfast more shopping and taking in the sights.

I am getting to the end of my cardigan a back, two sides (which took three attempts of completing ) and a sleeve down, a sleeve, neck and button band to go it is on hold at the moment while I knit a few donkeys.

The cows are making the most of the last bits of grass, very soon electric fencing will be put up to stop them tearing up the fields as it gets wetter here.

Franklin's sugar levels are still way to high, his insulin has been put up. His weight is still decreasing and while on Saturday's evening walk he started to behave oddly as if he was drunk, a quick sugar water syringe and apple sponge ga…

Satrday happy photo

One mans junk another mans treasure

The past week

Leaves are turning making for a colourful pallet of autumnal shades.

The cows have started to come in for hay each morning and evening, a winter rhythm of farm life . This year is the latest that they have spent eating grass, last year at the beginning of September hay was given.

Broody chicken sitting on eggs, she has not thought of her chicks if she manges to hatch any as she's sitting on the top of a hay bail.

                                        Escaped pet pig finding her way to the farm pigs.

And in the veggie patch.

Enjoying a meal and bonfire with friends and neighbours to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

Sunday walk along the river dodging most of the rain. It has been a very wet week making for lots of mud and wet farmers.

Saturday happy photo

The three little pigs checking for wolf proofing on new cabin "maybe we should of self built".

Cabin fever

Farmer J got busy with his saw and drill (with the help of his gopher, me) spending last week building cabins for the pigs with the hope of finishing them before the rain came which stops the tractor from going (and staying) up the hill.

 Bases have been put in to hopefully stop the wet seeping up and keep piggies cosy wrapped up in straw when winter hits. We managed to finish them, replaced fence posts, put up electric fencing to make sure enclosures are pig proof and added the first lot of pigs Monday morning, which this time went very smoothly with all pigs able to pass through the gateway where electric fencing has been before (one usually says behind) following a bread trail into their new enclosure.

The areas where these cabins were placed had been empty for quiet a while even greenery had started to grow again. By today it  has taken those four pigs four days with a bit of rain to turn it into mud.

The past week

The new piglets are settling in well.

Sandy's piglets are growing well and nearly ready to leave her, especially as they are now after her food.

The weather has turned the first frost arrived this week with chillier mornings and evenings means it is time for the wood burner to be lit. Rain has made for muddy pig pens and slippery feeding time.

Vanille has broken yet another head bridal. She May be wishing for a purple one next.

Time has been spent in the butchery processing a pig. Sausages made and bacon curing.

I have started to knit this in a colour different from what I normally would choose, must be the autumnal colour influence.

And continued to knit my Spana animals

                                        Enjoyed a Sunday lunch treat with friends here.

Saturday happy photo

For the birds who don't enjoy DIY