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In memory

Today it has been a year since we had to say good bye to Franklin. His thought of each day with ten years of Franklin antics that's a lot of memories and photos.

Chainsaw happy

Last year we (well Farmer J) cut down the line of conifers that had grown too large along the drive ( i was on clear up duty) as today was just like a spring day it was time to resume this job ready for spring and the new fence to be erected. Again Farmer J was cutting the stumps and I was on clear up duty. Two trailer loads later and the job was done, now tomorrow the brambles and weeds need to be cleared along with the old fence taken down. A  little bit tricky as Gorgon and co are in the field still so I may also be on Gorgon go away duty as well.

When the wind blows

Sunday brought a bit of wind our way, continuing on through to last night. Monday was spent clearing a rather large tree which had come down from the corner of our field blocking the road another one came down next to it but thankfully landed the other way in our bottom field. In between moving tree branches and limbs farmer J was up the ladder re clipping the poly-tunnel plastic trying to keep it with us and not flying away. It was only later in the day we noticed the top of the trailer had some what slipped from the beams it sits on.

This morning tiles had fallen during the night from the barn where some of our hay is stored. We have to wait to see what the wind speed was as the insurance is only covered if it was over 100 kms. Farmer J has managed to place the tiles back to keep out the rain. He now just has a bit of wood to pick up from down the road along with his right-hand woman.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Lid's arrival in the garden went down like a lead balloon. He has been trying to wrangle his way in the house - his chances are very slim if Fizz has anything to do with it.