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This week

Franklin is now much better, with his wounds healing nicely. Being able to put weight on his paw means he has been caught a few times this week sniffing out anything that may of been left on the work surfaces.

Maude didn't come back, fearing the worst I think Mr Fox has been around so Mabel is now own her own wondering around. Caught on camera resting with our old duck I'm hoping they will pair up and be friends.

I managed to get in the veggie patch which has major weeding issues, the weather has been dry and mild still so Jerusalem artichokes were dug up. It has been windy here on two fronts this week the weather one with incedible winds and the digestion type with so many fartichokes being eaten. I'm hoping I got them all but cant be confident that next year there will be more. Gorgons happy, he loves artichokes and I found a recipe from Mark Diacono book a Year at Otter farm which had artichokes as a magic ingredient, along with brandy soaked sultanas it was really ta…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Gorgons contribution of help to the ducks pond.

Maude and Mabel the muscovies

Since their arrival here to replace our old mullards mate, a male mallard Maude (grey) and Mabel (black and white) haven't mixed as I would of liked. Maybe foie gras ducks they think they are a cut above the rest. The rabble of 4 khaki Campbell's and 3 Peking's maybe too much for them as these seven are continuously busy waddling round the farm making a noise and investigating everything.

They spend their days sitting up on the wall outside the barn overseeing what is going on, occasionally they will fly over the field kind of crash landing and making an appearance when farmer J is milling cereal as do all chickens and ducks but most of the time they spend in a pair.

All chickens and ducks find their own way of an evening back to the barn for a night of safety. Last night was no different, or so I thought. It was dark when I closed their door and didn't see that Maude had no come back in until this morning when she wasn't there. Ive searched but cant see her, onl…

Old dogs

Like old men old dogs seem to get a bit grumpy. In Franklin's case his always been a little bit tetchy especially when it comes to touching his feet or if his woken up, turfed off the settee or not allowed on the bed. Milo is the least grumpy, most of the time he bumbles along without a care in the world or a care for anyone else. Tyser, who found us nearly six years ago now is getting to be the grumpiest giving a growl as both dogs pass him (he won't growl at Fizz, who puts a fear in him) this is becoming a bit of a problem as both Milo who is totally blind and Franklin now with cataract's cant see a big old dog in the dark. Franklin is no angel as he maybe winds Tyser up by barking to get him to move out of the way, who knows what goes through a dogs head, but something went through Tysers thats for sure.

The problem came to ahead Saturday evening a week ago. Taking Tyser, off lead as he listens to me and Franklin, on a retractable lead (he would run a mile given the ch…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Not content with mixing with the other ducks Maude and Mabel reach new heights.

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

two escaped cows and two horse with a donkey find us after escaping made for lots of excitement in the bovine and equine world.

Needle felting workshop

The November meeting of spinners and weavers of south west France was held in the groups new location 5kms out of Caussade. As this is a building owned by the council the group has had to become an association, Luckily I wasn't at the last meeting when a committee was formed (my days of being on committees are over). It's now going to be run mainly by French ladies so there may be a few changes a foot. Eve, who formed the group many years ago,  now in her nineties still comes to each meeting with her Ashford box of goodies to sell they are pushed and squeezed into my car as she only lives up the road and when wheels and looms, along with her husband having to come too space can become limited.

So Mondays workshop was on needle felting, I had dabbled a bit in one dimensional so onto 3D came over me. It is one fibre craft that doesn't need a lot of equipment or space, no water or soap is needed like wet felting. Just a thick foam base to work on and special needles that are…

Bonfire night

Last night we had our annual bonfire party. Branches and off cuts from the chestnut fence posts were of were collected from the woods and stacked ready, Alex our friend from down the road helped build the fire and a guy, Nigel Farage one side and Marine Le Pen the other was made by friends Maggie and Chris.

With around forty people invited for mulled wine in our first gite followed by a sit down meal in our second we were busy moving and arranging furniture and cooking. Three courses of pumpkin soup, beef casserole (with a veggie moussaka made by Anita) and chocolate torte were served before the bonfire was lit and fireworks set off. Sparklers were sparkeling and noted like many things as you get older there not as big as when you wrote your name with one as a child.  It had rained during the day but turned into a dry mild evening where sparks from the fire managed to shorten my hair.

George made a guest appearance with  a few photo shoots (i reckon i could hire him out although he m…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Look who came for tea!

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Yet another amazing warm autumnal day ahead

Apple juice

Around this time each year, to coincide with Halloween, there is a village apple press, a fund raiser for the village school with Halloween activities for the children.  Everyone can bring their apples as long as they have not been treated with any chemicals. You can drop them off having had them weighed and noted, for each kilo of apple you get 500ml of juice. If you bring your own containers it costs 45 cents (for the new top and pasteurisation) or 85 cents for a new bottle and cap. This year we took part staying for the process.

Around 5 years ago we scrumped around 90 kilos of apples to take along, where we also helped out bottling and capping, that juice comes out very hot and as we remember it was a very cold day (completely different from this years weather). We ended up with a lot of bottles of juice that lasted a couple of years, since then we hadn't participated as other things got in the way - lack of apples for one.

We do have, or did have 4 trees, quiet young still w…