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Cows, cows, cows

Today and the past few days have centred around our herd of cows. So far there has been five calves born, the last to Emile, pictured above who was our first cow born on the farm. She's been a good mother, calm and friendly. Up to now her calves have thrived but her latest isn't doing too well. Born naturally he didn't respond like most calves, he couldn't stand up and therefore couldn't/ wouldn't feed. Farmer J stayed trying to get him upright for ages. Emily was very patient maybe knowing that he was trying to help. As he wouldn't feed we decided to leave things to nature, thinking in the morning we would have a dead calf.

The morning came and he was still alive so a trip to the vets for a check up. After a drip for fluids and a bit of medication including an injection to stop bleeding inside, he was brought back with powders to add to water with valuable nutrients and colostrum which he missed out on and a few syringes for injections. He is now able to …

No 4

Thankfully Christmas day was quiet with all the animals behaving themselves which meant apart from feeding them in the morning and evening they amused themselves while we amused ourselves. Today started a little different, a first time pregnant cow had gone into labour. Normally they are able to give birth without any intervention but this one was looking tired. Once the others were shut down feeding farmer J had a look although in the normal position he could not pull it out. A call to the vets whom came very promptly (although it's not a holiday here they were very quiet unlike usual).

 A jack like tool was used to pull the calf out, it was fine, head a little swollen and fluid in its airways and lungs after a wash in the ears by me (it brings them around, much like us if we had a cold wash). The cow wouldn't of been able to give birth on her own as it was a big calf, the 2nd male so far. Mum needed a few stitches, once the calf was put in front of her she responded straigh…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

Selecting and collecting the Christmas tree.


Adopted us December 2008 left us 18th December 2015

Seven years ago our gentle giant met us over the woods when we were hunting for our Christmas tree. He followed us home and stayed, He came to us very ill , his life saved today he left us ill again.

We had to make that awful decision many pet owners have to make. Today he couldn't walk and his eyes said it all. He had had enough and we think more was going on than his auto immune system giving up on him (as if that wasn't enough) .

At around 12 years old we think his days were spent for the past seven years enjoying his time barking at trees that squirrels had left a long time ago, chasing deer he was never going to catch, nudging for a stroke and being a loyal best friend. This afternoon we buried him next to his mate Milo under the oak trees at the top of our highest field with one of the most magnificent views over where he use to roam.  Go run Tyser x


Since last Monday we have had an unwell Tyser. We don't really know his age but its estimated around about 11 or 12 so things are bound to start to go a bit awry. We know his joints are giving him pain but he really went down not moving much when walking he couldn't keep up. He was very wobbly Monday morning with symptoms that looked like he had the  canine tick disease from an infected tick bite. A emergency dash to the vets his red blood cells had been affected and broken down. Although the parasite could not be seen in his blood he was treated with injection and antibiotics.

Thinking this would get him back on track it was a bit of a shock for him to go down even further. Thursday he was back again with anaemic and weak. A blood test revealed his red blood cells were so below the normal count it was beginning to look a bit bleak. He was suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, a disease that affects his immune system which reacts by attacking itself. He was admitted an…

Snap shot

A moment from the week at La Singlarie

So cute and a little female so no eating !